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Sunrise over suburbia

In my late teens and early twenties, I dreamed of being an artist/writer and having magical adventures, but my humble circumstances constantly seemed to mock me. Living in the poorer suburbs and working at the uninspiring kinds of jobs available to young adults made me feel so disconnected from the life I wanted. My hope was frail and sometimes actively attacked, but somehow, I managed to hold onto that spark. Now I’m 32, I’ve worked hard, had lots of experience, found support from people who believe in me, and I’m starting to turn those dreams into more concrete realities. I’ve been full freelance as an illustrator for a year now and it feels amazing. This piece is for my young self and anyone else who feels stuck in a temporarily uninspiring reality and is trying to hold onto hope. I love to imagine someone putting it in their dorm, cubicle or other liminal space for inspiration as they work towards achieving their dreams.

Print available in my shop.