Three new pieces, and a bit about my creative process

July 24, 2016

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I made these three personal drawings as creative exercises. When I’m drawing, there’s a constant internal dialogue. It starts with an idea that gets me excited – a spark in my mind that I try and hold onto. I sometimes hold this spark for days until I have time to work on it. As I work to capture it, I analyze the mood and the aesthetic. Does it live up to my idea? Was it a good idea? Does it feel right? Is it pleasing to my eye? I think about the elements of design – things like balance, composition, value, color, etc. I try to curate myself as well – keeping in mind the personal “brand” I’m creating as an artist. Then I’m thinking of the artists that inspire me like Matisse or De Chirico (among many many others). To me, it’s an exhilarating process that keeps me picking up the pencil.