“Action Expresses Priorities” Poster

May 8, 2017

Sometimes at work I’m given the task of illustrating/designing a quote for our weekly Monday Motivation post on social media. This one was simply “Action expresses priorities,” from Gandhi, which gave me a lot of free rein. I looked at some medieval paintings of builders for inspiration and came up with this sketch on my iPad.

I refined it to this.

I then took the sketch into Illustrator to build the architectural elements.

After that I brought it all back into Procreate on my iPad Pro to create the final artwork. I decided on doing a two color palette with orange and blue overlapping using multiply. Here are the two color layers separated.

And this is the final artwork. It was a really fun piece to work on and it kind of felt like a stylistic breakthrough for me. I’m really pleased with how the shapes, colors and textures turned out.